Can a foreigner buy property in North Cyprus?

For purchase;

A foreign national is entitled to purchase land not exceeding 1 (one) donum (14,400 square feet or 1338 square metres) provided that the land is vacant.
They are entitled to purchase one property up to a maximum area of 5 dönüms providing that the property only consists of one dwelling. If the 1 (one) property to be purchased is in a building complex, there is no surface area limitation for the land in question.
While a foreign national has the right to buy only 1 (one) house or apartment under normal conditions, in accordance with the Law No. 52/2008, this right has been increased to 3 (three) with the Statutory Decree published in 2018 (until a second amendment). With the current practice, a foreign national can use his/her right to buy real estate in the form of a second and third “flat”. Husband and wife with the same surname are treated as 1 (one) person. Children do not have any additional rights other than those of their parents.
A foreign national is entitled to purchase only one private vacant land, land with a property or property within a building complex, and do not have the right to build or purchase another property/flat.
By obtaining the approval of the Ministry after the Ministry’s investigations, and with the Ministry’s knowledge, a foreign national may transfer a property registered in his/her name or leased by him/her to persons with first- and second-degree blood and kinship relations, or, may sell or mortgage the property to another foreign national.

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